Kosher Cuisine

My Philosophy

My vast experience throughout the years in hotels and convention centers which catered kosher food, highly contributed to my kosher specialty. Kosher food will always be for me the home where I grew up.

First Class kosher food is a challenge for a chef who is used to cook without any restrictions, but I do not see any drawbacks.

Fine raw materials, cooking techniques appropriate to the nature of raw materials, and especially a good understanding of kosher cooking processes, are the cornerstones of my fine cooking, Kosher and contemporary.

This notion comes, not only from my experience with kosher cooking, but also from bringing in the wealth of my experience cooking and managing non-Kosher restaurants.

My cooking style is not being bent by the laws of kosher food, as it is kosher by nature.
My cooking is based on Mediterranean elements and combines winks (and more...) to the Far East cuisine; Those two make, to my opinion, the best combination for contemporary kosher cuisine.